Agro and MSW

Agricultural Waste

Fodder and agricultural waste was always in demand during the days of traditional agricultural waste. However, now in the 21st century, things are changing. Organized farming is finding the status of industry, and agricultural waste can become the next big raw material for this industry segment. Our farmers are still struggling with the management of fodder and hay. Most of the hay is still burnt in the villages today. Due to huge volume implications, it is very inconvenient and expensive to transport the fodder. Our highly efficient balers help in compacting the agricultural waste and provide huge storage and transportation benefits and bring down the involved costs. Appropriate drying mechanism is installed in the setup to reduce volumes.

We offer versatile baling machines and mechanisms that can be customised in accordance with the technological needs of green waste recycling. As a sincere technology player in the market of green waste recycling, we are committed to coming up with green waste management systems where we can introduce new attachments to your existing setups.


Vertical expansion of the cities and the increasing population density is creating mountains of municipal waste in metros and two-tier cities of the world. The day is not far when it will become an industry sector in itself. Since the transportation of municipal waste is always a big question mark and is the most expensive affair,we can design tailor-made solutions for you in accordance with the availability of the space and the pollution norms of the area.

Under the spirit of true waste management technology player, we are ready to walk that extra mile with you with an intention to develop a new portable solution or a large scale solution as per your demand.

Equipment for processing Agro and MSW

  • Fodder Block 
  • TMR Mixer 
  •  Hey Baler