Agro Waste & Hay Baler

Agro Waste & Hay Baler

After the harvesting of crops, what remains in the field is straws and peels. Farmers tend to burn the dry straws to clear the fields for further
farming. It may seem to be a lucrative option for many but it contributes to a lot of air pollution and loss of tremendous value. Our fodder
block-making machines compress such agro-waste, i.e., dried crop residue to turn them into blocks that can be easily stored and fed to cattle.
The fodder blocks are a viable option for cattle in the lean season, when there is a lack of green forages as well as for transportation in areas
(such as mountains and deserts) where there is a lack of cattle feed. Along with promoting the conservation of fodder, it is easy to handle, transport, and store.


Fourth Generation machine with cartridge valves.
• Specially designed for Dry Agro-residue baling, achieving very high density up 6-12 times more of loose density
(vary from material to material). Four side compressions give uniform high density to Bale.
• It can bale both dry fodders as well as TMR/almost all type of Agro waste/garden waste/forest waste/cow dung/
RDF/sawdust/coffee husk/herbs/fodder/hay etc. with moisture level less than 12%.
• It is a continuous baler – we need not to wait for cycle to complete to re-fed material, with single push button
one full cycle complete.
• Packing system is replaced with chute and only sealing or stitching is required.
• Automatic PLC control system provided and safety measures are taken care.
Packed Fodder / Agro residue blocks do not oxidized and are farm fresh.
• Dry agro residue setup is completely automated, labor is less required. (Automatic handling system is optional/


• 100% blocked material goes to stomach of animals to endues.
• Cent percent of block material is used for it purpose
• 4 to 7 times less space required to store blocks.
• Packed block can be stored in open only tarpaulin is required to cover it,
Transportation becomes economical / easier from surplus to deficit areas, even to the most difficult terrains.
(Full truck can be transported easily).

• Blocks can be easily distributed in droughts area & floated in flood areas.
• Fodder Bank concept can be made in reality & more viable.
Handling loose Agro-Residue as Rice husk, wheat straw etc have ill effects on health of labour, it cause of
lungs problem like tuberculoses, asthma, allergies etc. it is a good solution for it.

• Dust free atmosphere is achieved for handling & storage.
• Even for small cattle farmers it is easy to carry & Store
• Zero transit & handling wastages.
• Dry blocks packed, almost eliminates the chance of bacterial growth.
• Easy accountable.
• Quality of fodder / Agro residue can be maintained

MODEL                                           12” X 16” X 5”                                      12” X 24” X 6”                            24” X 24” X 48”                       20” X 20” X 40”

BALE SIZE                                      12” X 16” X 5”                                      12” X 24” X 6”                         24” X 24” X 48”                          20” X 20” X 40”
(H X W X L)                                        (H X W X L)                               (H X W X L)                                 (H X W X L)
BALE WEIGHT                          10 – 12 KGS IN DRY                        13-16KGS IN DRY FODDER      100-150 KGS IN HAY                  50-60 KGS
FODDER16-18 KGS IN TMR              18-20KGS IN TMR             LONG STRAW & SHORT STRAW
ELECTRIC MOTOR                    25 H.P.                                                      30 H.P.                                      40 H.P.                                              75 H.P.
OPERATION                          PLC CONTROLLED                          PLC CONTROLLED                  PLC CONTROLLED              PLC CONTROLLED
MACHINE WEIGHT               6.5 TONS (APPROX)                        6.5 TONS (APPROX)                6.5 TONS (APPROX)          6.5 TONS(APPROX)
No. of Bale / hr                              60 – 70                                                    60 – 70                                        25 – 30                                        60 – 70