ARS-1000 Alligator Shear


Our ARS-1000 alligator shear is the perfect equipment used to cut medium and large-sized metal processing plant, steelworks, waste metal recycling site and other places. It is mainly used to cut the waste metal at cold form into sizeable scrap for melting in the furnace. The shear-able materials include various shaped steel section and structural metals like round steel, square steel, angle iron, I steel, plate steel, steel tube and so on.

Working Process

This alligator shear can have an automatic operation, with a matched blade in customized length and designed for maximum cutting force, etc. Operated by Push-button controls, it accepts manual feeding and automatic cutting on a roller table. In addition, we have the ability to design and create more customized products to meet the specific demands of users.

This ARS series alligator shear finds use in the metal recycled processing plant, a disassembling field of scraped vehicles, smelting and casting fields and other industries. It is able to process different shape and diversified scrap structural metal like round steel, square steel, angle iron, I steel, plate steel and steel pipe for easy charging in the furnace.


In the standard structure of the alligator shear, the mainframe and the hydraulic power pack can be joined/separated as desired by the customer. Therein, the main frame is fabricated of tested 2062 Structural Plates moving Shear blade arm, heavy Bushings for shearing cylinder, clamping plate & cylinder, adjusting the device and so on.

  • All components, Fittings, Hose pipes, seals Valves Motor and Pumps are of International standards and are easily available, hence no dependency on the manufacturer (Preferred by foreign Buyers).
Salient Features
  • Very simple operation, the clamper clamps and the shear head cuts. This machine can operate by a foot pedal, single cycle & or automatic continuous cutting system
  • The blade opening length can vary with limit switch setting to increase the number of strokes
  • Users can set the machine with required cutting force and blade opening size in a certain range based on the working scale and shearing requirements.
  • No foundation required a plain leveled floor is sufficient.
  • At the place where there is no power supply, the equipment can be powered by a diesel engine.
  • Power Pack:
  • Electric Motor: High-Efficiency Motors of IE2/3 standards for lower power consumption
  • Pumps: Veljan (Dennison) Double Pumps 250 Bar working pressure is 160 Bar for longer life.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders:  Lip Seal, Step seal and wear rings in Gland & Glyde Rings & wear Rings in Piston for long life in continuous running.
  • Oil Cooling: Oil Chillers with external fans for higher efficiency and less maintenance.

                      Technical data


Cutting Force                                                             2000Kn(leveraged)

 Length Of Blade Block                                           900+150mm

Opening Size                                                               85-300 Mm

Cycle Time                                                                   5-6 Sec

Motor Power                                                              40 H.P.×1set

Round Steel                                                                Φ85mm

Square Steel                                                               75×75mm

Angle Steel                                                                  150×150×15mm

Channel Steel                                                             200×90×10mm

Steel Plate                                                                   10×600mm

Weight                                                                          8500 Kgs.approx.