ARS Complete Shredding System

ARS Complete Shredding System


ARS Dual Shear shredder are designed to process a wide range of scrap materials from metals, LMS (Light Melting Scraps) scraps, car body scrapsELV’s scraps, white goods, plastics and tires to product destruction or any diverse and contaminated material where particle size variation is acceptable. Output consists of “strips” the width of the cutters – usually 1” to 3”. Dual Shear shredders are configured in a variety of sizes, drive options, and cutter configurations.


Salient Features
  • High-Torque, Low-Speed DesignDelivers multipurpose shredding with greater on-line reliability and lower maintenance requirements than other technologies.
  • Auto Reversal Feature:  Protects against overfeeding and   damage   by   non-shreddables.
  • Advanced Cutter Locking System: Eliminates daily requirement to tighten cutter stack while improving shredder performance and cutter life.
  • Convertible Drive: Versatile design accommodates electric or hydraulic drive. Optional conversion package available.

Shock Load Protection FeatureProtects shredder and drive components. Electric version offers ARS SSP – Severe Shock Protection controlled torque coupling. Hydraulic version utilizes multiple relief valves.

                   Technical Data


                  Feeding Chamber                                  1000 mm X 1220 mm

                  Fixed Blade Quantity                           20 Pieces

                  Capacity                                                    2 Tons per hours (Approx M.S. Scrap)

                 Motor Power                                           37 KW x 2

                PLC                                                              Provided

               Overall Dimension                                 4500 MM (W) x 5995 MM (H)