ARS Horizontal Scrap Shear HSS 400


The house of “ARS BRAND RECYCLING MACHINES” proudly introduces “HORIZONTAL SCRAP SHEAR” IN INDIA to solve all scrap processing problems of a Melting Furnace with a single machine without any no labor only one operator. 

OPERATION of ARS Brand Horizontal Scrap Shear 400

On the Scrap Shear the PLC interface should show Home Position, (in one of the 3 programs)in this position Push the Auto cycle Button and start charging the Mixed Scrap consisting of Commercial, HMS 2, HMS 1 can be put without any sorting by a Grab/Magnet into the Hopper of the Horizontal Shear, on a continuous basis, within minutes you will see the scrap sheared in size of max height 16” coming out of the front end of the Shear.

The charged scrap is first pre-compressed first Hydraulically at 3 levels, densities than Sheared the cut size of max height 16” length

These 16” long pieces are perfectly fit to be charged as first charge Furnace, lift the out coming scrap with magnet and take to the furnace for melting.

Types of Scrap can Process 
  • HMS 2


                             Technical data


Shear Cylinder Nominal Force                        200 TON X 2

Chamber Size                                                          2200 L X 1400W X 2250H (mm)

Feeding Size                                                            3400 L X 2500W X3200H (mm)

Electric Motor                                                        75 H.P X 2

Cooling System                                                      Water Cooled Heat Exchanger

Final material size                                                400mm in length

Capacity                                                                    4-7 tons per hour