Car Baler Shear
Car Baler Shear

Car Baler Shear

Ferrous Non Ferrous scrap

If you are looking for a car baler or a general-purpose metal baler, then the ARS car baler is definitely a model to consider. ARS
car balers are built for tough working conditions and, because they are able to process a wide range of metals, they are the perfect
addition to any scrap metal yard. Only top-quality components are used to ensure long life and minimum downtime and
every component is accessible for easy maintenance.

                                          INBUILT SALIENT FEATURES

• Our machines are designed for tough working conditions..
• Very long life span.
• Industrial, robust and flexible design.
• Able to process a wide range of metals and steels.
• Top branded components to ensure easy availability
• Fast and efficient after-sales service.
• All spare parts easily available.
• This semi-mobile machine does not require any foundation.
• The installation can be done in 24 working hours.
• On line trouble shooting assistance system.
• Easy accessibility for maintenance.
• Customizable according to the production needs of the scrap yard.
• The Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is protected from power surges through a stabilized
power supply in order to avoid voltage fluctuations.
• The machine is equipped with Emergency Stop in case of malfunctions or alarm
Situations that may compromise the safety of the operator or equipment.
• The machine is equipped with an auto diagnostic system and guided procedures Which constantly
monitor the state of the machine and allow the operator to maintain Control of the machine functions
and the active alarms.

Installation is quickly achieved and no special foundations are needed so ARS car baler can be ready to run in just a few hours from its
arrival at your site.


MODEL                                               (ARS -CBS-400)

BALE SIZE                                                  880X650 MM

SHEAR FORCE                                          400 TONS

WEIGHT                                                    45-47 TONS

ELECTRIC MOTOR                                 50 H.Px2

CUTS PER MINUTE                                2.5-3

MIN CUTTING LENGTH                      300