Continuous Baler – Ferrous Non Ferrous scrap

Continuous Baler – Ferrous Non Ferrous scrap

They are used to process the metal scrap in fully automated mode with continuous feeding, baling, and ejection. These are best suited for
homogenous metal scraps like UBCs (Used beverage cans), CRC and SS punching & Sheets, and other such materials. To give our
customers bales with the highest density and high productivity.

                                                      INBUILT SALIENT FEATURES

• No Jamming of Sheet & Punching in Shear Head
• Intelligent PLC with sensor pressure transmitter, Oil temperature & HMI display.
• Glyde Rings, Slyde Ring will be used in Hydraulic Cylinder.
• Oil Temperature Gauge & Oil Level indicator will be provided in front of the oil tank
• Motor Starter : inbuilt in Panel.
• Lubrication arrangement at all hinged points : will be provided.
• Unique Design of Shear Head
• Side box special lined with grooved plates to avoid protruding scrap.
• Serrated Blades backed with Hardened shims.
• Replaceable Hard liners of Hardox/Abrex inside of the chamber will be provided for the safety of the Press & long life.
• External Oil Chiller to keep the Oil temperature under control
• Pipe lines: Pipelines will be seamless steel & fittings will be of forged M.S. material
• Hydraulic Pump Veljan (Low Noise Pump) / reputed make easily available in Market.


MODEL                                                                 8″x8″                                                                             10″x10″

BALE SIZE                                    8” (H) X 8” (L) X (W)-VARIABLE                          10” (H) X 10” (L) X (W)-VARIABLE
BALE WEIGHT                            20 – 30 KGS (M.S.)                                                                  30 – 40 KGS (M.S.)
ELECTRIC MOTOR                    50 H.P                                                                                          60 H.P
OPERATION                                PLC CONTROLLED                                                                    PLC CONTROLLED
MACHINE WEIGHT                  8 – 9 TONS (APPROX)                                                         10 – 11 TONS (APPROX)
No. of Bale / Hr                          60 – 70                                                                                          60 – 70