Scrap Shear- ARS-500

Scrap Shear- ARS-500

Ferrous Non Ferrous scrap

Our ARS-500 alligator shear is the perfect equipment used to cut medium sized metal processing plant, steel works, waste metal recycling site and other places. It is mainly used to cut the waste metal at cold form into sizeable scrap for melting in the furnace. The shear-able
materials include various shaped steel section and structural metals like round steel, square steel, angle iron, steel, plate steel, steel tube


Alligator Scrap Shear


• Very simple operation, the clamper clamps and the shear head cuts. This machine can operate by foot pedal,
single cycle & or automatic continuous cutting system.
• The blade opening length can vary with limit switch setting to increase the number of strokes.
• Users can set the machine with required cutting force and blade opening size in certain range based on the
working scale and shearing requirements.
• No foundation required a plain leveled floor is sufficient.
• At the place where there is no power supply, the equipment can be powered by a diesel engine



MODEL                                                           ARS-500                                                ARS-1000

CUTTING FORCE                                    2000 KN (LEVERAGED)                     2000 KN (LEVERAGED)

LENGTH OF BLADE BLOCK                    600MM + 150MM                                    900MM+150 MM

BLADE OPENING                                    85 –250 MM INCLUDING  JAW                  85-300 MM

PRE COMPRESSION                                  150MM SERRATED JAW                    150MM SERRATED JAW

CUTTING SIZE                                                        Φ 50MM                                                  85MM

NUMBER OF STROKE                                    10-14 / PER MINUTE                       10-14 / PER MINUTE

MOTOR POWER                                                    15 H.P.                                                       40 H.P

WEIGHT                                                            3 – 3.5 TONS (APPROX)                   6500 KGS (APPROX)

OPERATION                                             CLAMPING THEN SHEARING           CLAMPING THEN SHEARING