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Bundle Machine Manufacturers

May 19, 2022 25 people Latest news

These are the first machines we designed as bundling machine manufacturers. Ideal for creating multipacks but made from products already grouped together. The range is enriched by the new machines in the High-Speed version, i.e. equipped with inverters that increase the speed of loading, unloading, and packaging. These are electric machines, with PLC control. Unlike previous models, these are designed to pack multipacks from single elements. It is the machine itself that creates the tray or, more generally, the grouping. Models managed by Siemens or Schneider PLCs, and High-Speed versions are now available. The specific machines for in-line production are those equipped with divider, which speeds up loading and bundle creation. Packaging and handling of products in line thus reach compatible speeds. The latest and most innovative result of our bundling machine manufacturing are the film-launching machines: WRAPJET. They work without a sealing bar because the film self-glues as it passes through the shrink tunnel, so there is no need to stop the product on the tape. With enormous savings in time and money.

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